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In the morning of 18 September, a jeep with members of Support Troop of 1 Airlanding Recce Squadron and one of the two Polsten guns pass through Oosterbeek, on their way to the junction at the Sint Elizabeth Hospital in Arnhem. Shortly after, they will be stopped at the Utrechtseweg/Schelmseweg junction.

In the afternoon of 20 September, Germans at the Utrechtseweg/Lebretweg junction, looking in the direction of Hartenstein. The armoured vehicle is a Möbelwagen.

An unidentified Sergeant, after just passing the Dennenkamp Estate in Oosterbeek, on 18 September.

On 18 September, strafing of German vehicles and gun positions, by Lieutenant R.R. Bosworth (VIII Fighter Command, 78 Fighter Group, 82nd Squadron).

Men from No. 4 Commando, 1 Special Service Brigade, in landing craft, just before landing on the beach of Normandy. Clearly visible, different emotions on the faces of the men.

German armoured vehicles approaching the Utrechtseweg/Prins Hendrikstraat junction, retreating, early 18 September.

Moving pictures of the buildings astride the Rhine River bridge, which John Frost and his men occupied for so long.

18 September, Utrechtseweg, a high ranking officer of Second Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment, most likely the commanding officer, Lieutenant-Colonel McCardie.

A clip showing - presumably - a jeep of "A" or "D" Troop, 1 Airlanding Recce Squadron, moving north, taken off from the Utrechtseweg/Lebretweg junction. One local guide can be seen, with his clogs. The jeep also carried glider loading ramps.

Corporal Gordon Bates of 1 Airlanding Recce Squadron.