Writing Process

For the second and main part of the book I needed an extra reliable source to guide me through the process of sifting through the huge amount of data from the primary sources I had collected and to create some kind of order. In essence, a log file with chronological entries would offer such a possibility. A real "gold mine" proved to be the intelligence and operations log files of 30 Corps, with reliable time recording, no gaps in the timeline and meticulously typed.

The next step was the analysis and incorporation of relevant information from other primary sources, like war diaries and situation reports with often references to 6-digit numbers. In order to quickly determine the exact position of these 6-digit numbers on maps used by the troops in 1944,1 wrote a PHP program that would do this, automatically and precisely. This information was then used in the aerial photographs and original AMS/GSGS maps included in the book.

The finished product is a chronological factbook on operation Market Garden, a guide to understanding the predicament and mindset of those involved, at any particular moment during the operation.